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And today's prose is with Bruno Takashy. A Paulista from Itapeva, Yonsei, that is, great-grandson of Japanese, on the part of mother and descendant of Portuguese, on the part of father, who from a very young age fell in love with country music and the viola. Only 22 years old, but with a lot of musical studies, he is one of the most virtuous country guitarists in Brazil today.

Bruno Takashy

With only 22 years old, the young instrumentalist is a national highlight in the sphere of the Brazilian viola and its aspects. Instrumentalist, singer and composer, Bruno Takashy has shown his talent with excellence for 15 years and stands out for his innovative work combining the viola with various musical styles such as country, rock, choro, erudito, sertanejo and popular.

Born in Itapeva - SP, he began his musical studies at the age of seven. At nine he was a prominent student at the Dr. Carlos de Campos de Tatuí - SP Conservatory of Drama and Music where he studied classical guitar for six years. During his studies he participated in masterclasses with national and international names, being able to highlight Ana Vidovic (Croatia), Pavel Steidl (Czech Republic), Geraldo Ribeiro and Odair Assad.

During his career he received several awards in music contests throughout Brazil, with the following highlights:

  • XXVI and XXVII Souza Lima Guitar Competition São Paulo - SP;

  • II Viva São Gonçalo Instrumental Festival, Presidente Prudente - SP;

  • III Patos & Viola Instrumental, Patos de Minas - MG;

  • I Sertaneja-Raiz Music Festival at Faculdade Cantareira (São Paulo / SP);

  • XVI Viola and Gastronomy Festival (Piacatuba / MG); between others.

Its repertoire includes classics of country music and popular music by great authors such as: Tião Carreiro, Zequinha de Abreu, Bambico, The Beatles, Agustín Barrios, Bach, among others.

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Duo Ziarós

Formed by Bruno Takashy and Felipe Resende, Duo Ziarós arose from the desire of the duo to explore the versatility of the viola caipira, its languages ​​and the potential of this instrument, through its application in other musical genres. The EP entitled Guaicá is the result of all this: a fusion of different styles, with the consequence of creating a new musical identity. This project features songs and authorial instrumental music, which will provide the listener with the identification of the particularities of each element present in the works. All this wealth of influences makes it possible to use the viola in any musical segment. Duo Ziarós not only glimpses this reality, it makes it possible and shows how to do it, through this new work. Soon we will bring Felipe Resende to a prose here at Cachaça, Prosa & Viola.


Guaicá - Live and Acoustic Version

Guaicá - Studio Version

Viola de Aroeira - Bruno & Felipe

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