CPV001 – Jacarandá & Braúna – HardWood

Hello compadre, hello comadre! It is with great honor that I bring to the table of Cachaça, Prosa & Viola, the duo HardWood, Jacarandá & Braúna. In prose we will talk about the history of the duo and the release of their first authorial album. Listen...

The Duo:

Jacarandá & Braúna is a country duo from Brasília DF. They met in 2007, but only in 2009 did they discover musical talent. The first meeting was in January 2009 at Geraldo's house, Braúna. Soon afterwards, they began to perform publicly, with the support of Clube do Violeiro Caipira. The duo's name was taken from our Brazilian hinterland, Jacarandá and Braúna are hardwoods, both threatened with extinction, and due to their characteristics they were chosen to represent the name of this duo, showing how much they admire the things of our land.

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Album Madeira de Lei:


Musical Production: Grillo Rocha; Pre-Production: Zé Mulato / Jacarandá / Braúna; Arrangements: Jacarandá / Braúna; Recording, mixing and mastering technician: Grillo Rocha; Recording, mixing and mastering: Studio GR1 - Brasília DF - by Grillo Rocha; Musicians: Accordion: Grillo Rocha; Bass: Joás Sousa; Percussion: Morango; Viola Caipira: Jacarandá; Acoustic Guitar: Braúna; Photos: Isi Lisboa; Photo location: Fazenda Babilônia - Pirinópolis - GO

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